Teledyne Marine RoboSub Team Product Grant

See below for a message from Teledyne Marine:

“Teledyne Marine is pleased to offer RoboSub teams the opportunity to own and utilize a new Wayfinder DVL free of charge.  A DVL is a critical sensor that enables precision vehicle navigation onboard autonomous and remotely operated vehicles.

A number of RoboSub teams have purchased a DVL for their vehicles, which have consistently delivered winning results.  In speaking with teams over the years, we know this is a wish list item for many of you, but the relatively high cost and size have been a constraint.  You’ve inspired us!  The great news is we can now deliver this in the form of the new Wayfinder DVL. 

To celebrate the launch of this new product, we’re offering a product grant that not only gets your team a free Wayfinder DVL, but also the unique opportunity to collaborate with our engineering team as a Critical Beta Partner.  As such, you’ll help us assess and improve the design, documentation, and features over an 18-month period of utilizing this sensor.  What a great skill / resume builder!”

(Application is now closed) Interested teams are invited to apply online at:

Applications are due by August 14th, and the award will be announced on August 30, 2020 (during the RoboSub 2020 online awards party)


Team eligibility criteria for a complimentary research sensor (Doppler Velocity Logger – DVL) is as follows:

  1. Only teams that do not already own a DVL can qualify for this offer.
  2. Only teams currently engaged in underwater autonomous vehicle design, construction and research (in addition to RoboSub activities) are eligible.
  3. Teams must be registered for RoboSub 2020 or must have participated in a RoboSub competition within the past 2 years (2018 or 2019).

Terms and Conditions

Eligible teams must accept the below terms and conditions to receive the complimentary research sensor.

  1. Online applications must be fully completed and received by August 14, 2020
  2. A new, fully operational Wayfinder DVL will be delivered to the winning team (customs, duties and shipping paid by Teledyne Marine).  If the unit is broken or damaged during installation or usage, the team is responsible for all the repairs.
  3. The winning team agrees to serve as a Critical Beta Partner and will work with Teledyne Marine to aid in troubleshooting, documentation review, field testing, product feedback, suggested improvements, etc. for this new product for a period of 18-months.  These finding cannot be shared with parties outside of your RoboSub team members, faculty and school administration.
  4. Team shall maintain frequent communication (at least once a month) with the sponsor and respond to requests within a timely manner.
  5. Team must agree to take part in Teledyne Marine sponsored marketing activities to announce and promote this award.
  6. Teams must acknowledge Teledyne Marine as an official sponsor in their next RoboSub competition.
  7. Teledyne has the right to cancel this promotion if no fully qualified candidates apply by the August 14 deadline. 

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