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Hello vampires, werewolves, and otherkin! A few weeks ago, the BR coven traveled down to San Diego for the 22nd Annual RoboSub Competition! The missions were fierce and the life force was strong, with a record 54 teams participating in this year’s court!

What is RoboSub, you ask?

RoboSub is an exciting underwater robotics program in which teams of high school and college students from around the world design and build an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). These vehicles are designed to autonomously navigate through a series of tasks that mimic ongoing research in Autonomous Underwater Systems. This event also serves to develop relationships between young engineers and the organizations developing and using unmanned and autonomous technologies. This year, 600 students on 54 teams from 13 countries had the task of Slaying the Vampire!

Blue Robotics X RoboNation

This was our 5th (5th!!!) year supporting RoboSub. Sub was the first competition we ever attended as a sponsor – back in 2015 we were just a little fledgling company! We were (and still are!) so stoked to walk around and chat with all of the students, learn about their vehicles, and see how the thrusters and other parts were being integrated into each team’s vehicle. Below are some shot of the BR family holding down our table at RoboSub, 2015-2018.

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