RoboSub 2023

RoboSub 2023

Ahoy explorers! Are you ready to dive into the world of underwater vehicle autonomy? Let us introduce you to RoboSub. 

RoboSub is an international competition that invites participants to tackle simplified versions of challenges facing the underwater maritime industry. These challenges may include oceanographic exploration and mapping, detection and manipulation of objects, and pipeline identification and tracking.   

Assemble your crew and chart a course on this systems engineering adventure where you will have the opportunity to design, build and test an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). Once you have worked past the lead times for underwater parts, come join us at the RoboSub competition and see how your unique system compares to systems designed by competitors from around the world. 


RoboSub 2023

  • Dates

    Late July - Early August*

    *Tentative - Dates still being finalized

  • Location

    Southern California*

    *Tentative - Venue still being finalized

  • Eligibility

    High School, College

  • Registration

    Registration opens Thursday, February 2nd.

    Click here for the registration link.



Team Handbook - Coming Soon!


Task Ideas - Coming Soon!

Meet the Teams - Coming in 2023!

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