2018 RoboSub | Texas A&M University 2018 RoboSub | Texas A&M University

Why RoboSub

Sink into a new challenge.


The History of RoboSub

RoboSub was established in 1998 to challenge students and advance the field of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). Since then, we’ve been building so much more than underwater autonomous bots. 

Institutions of all sizes have seen success with RoboSub. Objectives such as demonstrating systems and technologies or even higher-level tasks like intelligence, self-correction, or the ability to survey a zone have been proven in the pool since the program’s launch.


Success & Subs

Since the first year, RoboSub has grown significantly from four teams at the inaugural event, to over 55 teams. But the real key to RoboSub’s success? Talented students. Dedicated advisors. Generous sponsors. Fabulous venues. Most of all…an active community willing to share best practices, resources and knowledge.

Pool floor today. Ocean floor tomorrow.

In every competition, RoboSub students and educators tackle fundamental challenges in the design of ocean systems — while getting hands-on experience by designing, building and testing a fully autonomous vehicle. Priming students for jobs in developing, testing and managing state-of-the-art systems.

So set your course for success. Join RoboNation’s RoboSub. For experience. For talent. For fun.

Get Involved
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